How To Make Bath Bombs

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Want to learn how to make your own bath bombs?

You may have noticed that Bath Bombs have become very popular in the last few years. Lush is definitely a market leader in bath bombs, launching its first one back in 1989 and selling millions every year since. Whilst purchasing these Bath Bombs, in time it can add to a rather costly affair.

Let us help you learn how to make your own Bath Bombs for either your own personal home benefits for family and kids or maybe you would find this craft something you can really enjoy and make money at the same time now that Elementary Online Store brings everything together for you to create your own.


Step 1:

Mix all the dry ingredients together in your mixing bowl, including the baking soda, citric acid, epsom salt, and cornflour.

Step 2:

Add the melted coconut oil and essential oil (you can choose your favourite scent), and gently mix together with your hands (don’t forget to pop on your gloves).

Step 3:

Lightly mist with water but don’t add too much all at once. Mix it in and repeat several times until the mixture holds together.

Step 4:

Time to add the colour! Separate your mixture into three or four bowls (depending on how many different colours you want to add) and add and mix in your food colouring; around five drops should be enough.

Step 5:

Add your mix to your bath bomb mould. If you would like your bath bomb to be two different colours, add one colour mix to one half of the mould, and a different colour to the other half. Overfill the moulds so that when you put the halves together, the mixture is packed in tightly. Click the mould together and wait a minute before tapping the side and removing it. You have made your very own bath bomb. Leave it overnight to dry out properly before using.

Our bath bomb Kit is R217.39 Ex Vat

View the Bath Bomb kit here

It includes a 10ml Fragrance of your choice and a 10ml essential oil.

  • 250g baking soda
  • 125g citric acid
  • 125g cornstarch
  • 125g Epson Salts
  • 15g Kayolin clay
  • 10ml Witch hazel
  • 5g Dye colour of your choice
  • 1 inch bath bomb mould
  • 1 x spray Bottle

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